The Great Coronavirus Job Hunt

Personal Notions

by Elias Alias



I am a simple man happily living alone in the Rocky Mountain forests of northwest Montana where there is an abundance of un-used air. An old war veteran, I am toothless and wrinkled. I’ve an honorary lifetime membership in the Agent Orange Health Club, and am bent over a bit when I walk, but I can still get around.

My perspective is that of one who has been practicing the Walden thing, a premise published originally by Henry David Thoreau. My take on the Walden thing is to live simply, frugally, responsibly in the bosom of Mother Nature, far from the Cities of Man. Thoreau himself retreated to the woods, (with a little help from his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who married into the Forbes family).   Like Thoreau, I have for several years relied upon the supportive generosity of friends. It is a sub-poverty level lifestyle, but meditatively enjoyable for an aging artist. Moments like *this* and *this* (on YouTube) are routine.

I see myself as someone more like the “Old Fool on the Hill”; an eccentric hermit, an artist with a modestly equipped studio. I like to think of myself as an unemployed poet, and may, possibly, be the somewhat transmuted reincarnation of Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”.

Indeed, I’m so far back in the woods that it’s difficult to find buyers for the art pieces I create. To add a bit to the perspective of my rural retreat, one must note that I am more than sixty miles from the nearest traffic light. Because of my isolation I’ve been at sub-poverty-level for several years. To solve that problem I am attempting to rise up and elevate myself out of poverty, even as the world seems to be going crazy over a frenzy-producing panic-demic.

Therefore, I am thinking about finding a job.

I started looking in the nearest town down in the valley far below, quite a few miles from where I live on this forest-covered hill. But there was not much talk around town about jobs, and there were no “want ads” in the local paper. But I did see that the Census is hiring. Of course I know better than to take that job, because I’d for sure get busted for falsifying all the data I was collecting on good country people, whose personal information should not be of interest to any government of a free country.

It’s the sort of thing my male ego forces upon me, a perpetual resentment of any man-made government trying to lord it over everyone, even to the point of invading their privacy as individuals. Were I to take that job, today’s Census would probably indict me for “pro-active dissent-fraud” (PADF) or something, so I cannot consider applying for the one available job I found offered in town.

But in seeing the notice for Census takers tacked up on a community bulletin board at the post office, it dawned on me that there may yet be a different sort of government job for a guy like me; a job somewhere else within the labyrinths of the government’s bureaucratic systematized networked infrastructural hive of departments, agencies, offices and their myriad contractors. After all, at present moment, with the government having just shut down so many small businesses in a fit of insane fear-based over-kill reaction to a mysterious virus, government jobs seem to be the only jobs available.

I figured that instead of spying on people for the Census Bureau it would be easier on my soul’s karma if I took a government job in which I would be helping people. I wondered if I could qualify to work for the CDC, where I could be serving the American people by helping them avoid sickness, old age, and death. I looked up the website for the Centers for Disease Control.  (CDC)

And that is when I came across the CDC’s website page on something called “COVID-19”. I learned that the name stands for something we little people call the coronavirus.  COVID-19 is alleged to be a relatively new strain, or mutation, of coronavirus, which is said to have come from an area of China named Wuhan, where the Chinese government has plastered the city with 5-G electromagnetic devices so as to use the city, Wuhan, as a study model for rolling out 5-G all over China.

Those two facts, the fact of 5-G in Wuhan being China’s first full-scale and most extensive deployment of 5-G, coupled with the fact that the epicenter of the coronavirus (COVID 19) is in that very same city/district at or very near the same time, carry inherently a possibility that the two are synchronized in space as well as time. It is like a coincidental spontaneous synchronicity of two seemingly unrelated phenomena.

One is high-tech (5-G) and the other is high-sick (COVID 19). Those are the only facts I know about Wuhan, China.

But I was not looking for work in China anyway. I just happened to see China mentioned at the CDC’s website. Therefore, since I’m unemployed anyway and have a moment to browse at the whim of my imagination, I started looking into the relationship of this coronavirus with the advent of a government–sponsored roll-out of 5-G.

Soon enough I found a very interesting job description at the CDC website. The CDC has a great need for “Quarantine” specialists. I could probably fit right into that job, I reckon, since I’ve been quasi-self-quarantined for years here in the woods miles from town. So I read into their job description and learned something very interesting. But first, let’s trip on over to Wikipedia and brush up a bit on the COVID 19 pandemic.

At Wikipedia —

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), an (sic) novel infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).[3] The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December (2019) … [editor’s note: Wikipedia has edited above statement to correct spelling errors as of April 10 2020; so the above is a quoted passage from their original posting.]

There we see that Wikipedia says the virus first appeared in China in December, 2019. Now, in mid-March 2020, it’s all over the whole round world, but the important fact is that it began in China in December, 2019.

I am just guessing, but it seems to me that the CDC does not regulate China, nor does CDC accept responsibility for health concerns in China. CDC is supposed to be all about serving America, not about serving China. But CDC does pay attention to illnesses and health issues of various types existing in other countries, and may have by December 2019 been advised that China had a highly contagious virus on the loose and it could possibly come into America with travelers from China.

Good for CDC, I figured. That is how a sharp government agency should operate – keeping an eye out for possible problems flying into our country on “big ol’ jet airliners”.

But as I meandered and mused at CDC’s website something very odd occurred to me. I looked at the CDC’s job description for Public Health Advisers in the CDC’s  “Quarantine program”.  Their ad for hiring workers in the Quarantine program was published on November 15, 2019! That was more than two weeks before the coronavirus was discovered in China. Anyone may read it for oneself. Here is the link for that ad at CDC’s website –

I imagine that the new employees the CDC was wanting to hire into the Quarantine program would be destined to operate here in America, so I concluded that if they did hire me I would not be sent to China. So far, so good. But what keeps astonishing me is the CDC’s timing in wanting to hire Quarantine workers for so many areas across America. Look at this listing for where newly hired folks might be stationed in the CDC’s Quarantine program.

Location Dallas, Texas, El Paso, Texas, Houston, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California, San Francisco, California, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Honolulu, Hawaii, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, Detroit, Michigan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Newark, New Jersey, New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Juan

See? They are spread out around America including Hawaii. All at the same time! It is as if the CDC was preparing for an outbreak of something, was wanting to hire Quarantine specialists to forcibly quarantine the whole country. But, how did CDC know about the virus before it was discovered? I mean, their ad was posted online weeks before the coronavirus was discovered in China!

The question naturally arose in my old head – Did someone in higher echelons of CDC operations know in advance that America was in store for a virus pandemic?

I mean, that question is a very valid question, given that CDC does not blow money on hypothetical scenarios. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I must assume that they knew a pandemic was in store for America. Otherwise they would not need to run an ad for Quarantine program workers and hire a bunch of Quarantine program workers at tax-payer expense, right?

So the next question must be, “How did someone at CDC know about this newly mutated breed of coronavirus before it was discovered or announced?”

Actually, a better word, instead of using “discovered” or “announced”, would be “identified”. That is the term Wikipedia used. There is a difference between “discovered” and “identified”.  But the point is whether or not anyone at CDC knew before it  hit the news and like a solar flare suddenly, almost like overnight, raced all around the world. Since their ad for Quarantine workers was posted weeks before anyone ever heard of the COVID 19 virus, I must think that such a quirk in timing for posting their ad needs to be looked into so that we can clear up any doubts which might be brought up by conspiracy theorists like me. I wanted to know, just to make sure that it was purely coincidental, because if the CDC only learned about the virus at the same time the rest of us found out about it, then there would be no need to question the timing in posting their November 15, 2019 ad for Quarantine workers.

But something inside me was already leading me to believe that I probably should not apply for a job with the CDC, even though the pay would likely be good and I would make much more money than I’ve seen in quite some time. As noted, I’m really ready to get above this sub-poverty-level with my personal finances. So I decided to put that on hold and continue to look around on the Internet. I quickly found other interesting, positive-minded, people-loving NGOs, Foundations, UN organizations, Corporations, Contractors, Intelligence Agencies and other job possibilities I should look into. Oddly enough, after some days and nights hunting for just the right job, it dawned on me that there are lots of  coincidences. Continue with  PART TWO please.


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