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Richard Gage relentlessly and courageously brings dignity to the world-wide quest for a real investigation of the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings which mysteriously collapsed in apparent demolitions.


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2 thoughts on “Richard Gage: Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth

  • November 2, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Mr. Richard Gage comments and statements to the 911 Attacks are all correct in the explanations of high grade thermal explosive and use of other High Grade Explosives and radioactive materials(white powder found throughout Ground Zero Debris) caused by a MINI Nuclear Device that DR Judy Woods reported to the Truth movement Party.

    I known for a fact that, NO Commercial Jets was used in the 911 Attacks. As an aviator of: Private, Commercial, IFR, ATP Pilot and US Patent Inventor for Airborne Safety Technology my knowledge cover a vast field in the aviation sectors of studies concerning aircraft systems and operations of the FAA, NTSB, DOD airspace and the Airlines Industry for Commercial Passenger Travel Procedures Of Rules and Regulations. Thus, The Smoking Gun is Revealed, and all data of Fake Commercial Jet Aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center Towers, Pentagon Building and Airline Crash Site in Shankville, PA, NEVER HAPPEN as stated by officials reports.

    So Why Did Bush Order The 911 Attacking,
    The earlier Bush’s Administration want a New World Order for their Ideology and the PNAC Party Planners(Bushwhackers) provided the plans to start WARS in the Middle East throughout the Arab Nation to provided protection to Israel and promote oil business cartel, Jewish Cabal Business Groups/ Mossad Agents and Immigrants with dual citizenship in America that are placed in High Level Governmental positions and receive government contracts DOD/Justices Dept. and in public ventures sectors of the Airline Industries and Airport Security that handle Advanced Data and Monitoring systems used in America Airspace and the Air Defense Systems.

    The Truth Unveiled Of The Mask of The Serpents
    I would like to comment further on this subject matter. Thus, Evil,
    is obvious but, the acts of good can be deceitful by mankind goals
    thought Work and our Systems in: educational systems, religious systems,
    public/private Organizations and in Governmental and Military Bodies/Party/Foundation Agenda.

    Therefore, Bush’s, are a (S & B)Skull and Bones 322, Occult Satanic
    Worshipers under, Satan Evil Power. The number 322, stand for:The
    Holy Bible Words, in Chapter 3:, Verse 22: tells us, The cause of the
    act was, mankind separation from The Holy Creator God and the Reason
    to gain Knowledge to be as God’s for control and power. This is Satan
    demonic establishment on university campus(s) for seeking knowledge
    and other practices such as their S&B place called, “The Tomb”
    to initiate and practice rituals (Evil), instruct and teach the Yale
    fraternity candidates the art of Satanic Rituals to rise up and talk
    to Evil Spirits for Power. Without, The Holy God Grace and
    Mercy(deceitful) Act in our educational systems. The whole purpose
    for Satan acts are to separate the Holy God and Holy Spirit from
    the human race. Satan action has infiltrated every institution
    throughout the world and even the World Wide Web that is the New Tree
    Of Knowledge.
    Furthermore, those of the Elite Secret Society(Wealthy Evil
    Doer’s) and their Worldly Cronies placed the Bushwhackers in the
    White House for their neocon control and power for a New World Order
    and One World Government System under, a false god like Ruler that
    worship Satan, Beast Evil System.
    Jeb Bush is no different than his Father and Brothers (Power
    Control Freaks) just look into his Florida Governor Record and you
    will find that Jeb allow CIA Drug Money Laundering and enacted
    Martial Law in Florida for days before 911 Attacks and, is a partner
    in the planning stages for 911 Mayhem through the PNAC Think Tank
    Party of dual citizen officials living in America and members of the
    Jewish Cabal Business Groups. Please, visit this website to read and
    hear what Jeb and Geo plans are for furthering their cause in the
    middle east for WAR after 911 False Flag Attacks thus, this article
    statement proves that Jeb knew like his brothers Geo & Mervin Bush(Security
    of TWIN TOWERS / WTC. Securacom Co) knew far in advance about the
    911 Plan Attacks against Americans and the United States Pentagon
    Military Building. Go To:


    Thus, 911 Planners, Officials and Contractors with inside Knowledge(Good/Evil) and Dual Citizenship working in the government Bodies, FAA, NORAD and the Military Black Ops caused the mayhem and carnage to America and Americans faith and belief in our Republic Constitution. All, the wars against terror after 9/11(Second Pearl Harbor) in the Middle East was the bullet needed to spill Americans Blood overseas into the conflict with the Arab People that was against Israel policies(NWO).

    While as The Antichrist/ President of
    The United States of American, George W. Bush deals the game and changes America and Wethepeople Liberty, Rights and Freedoms at the same time starting the Wars in the Middle East Countries.

    Therefore, America Obama Antichrist is beheading all our Laws and Rights with his Executive Orders during his term in office to setup The Beast Evil System((Satan Empire/ Mask of The Serpents. Respectfully, JWS

  • November 2, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    TO: Mr. Richard Gage,
    Sir, in order to start the ball moving We The people must Petition and group together in the 911 Truth Movement Party and all other Groups and Parties to force our present Representatives to have Open Hearings and let the people hold Trails against all the former Officials and Cronies during the 911 Cover-Up and Corruption of Crimes Against Humanity and Murder of Mass Human Beings At Peace Time.

    Therefore, I am an advocate for the 911 Whereabouts Of The Missing Passengers Souls. over 4 years I complied information and data(Videos) that I study with the experts in aviation and within all the data and facts and The Laws of Aerodynamics Physics it prove and shows that the officials story is a Cover-Up by the Bush Administration and all bodies in our government of cabinets and groups of traitors that cause the 911 Attacks.

    Please, contract me to discuss this serious and critical matters ASAP for moving forward.
    Respectfully yours,
    Mr. John W. Stanis


    Home: 505-717-4389


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