James Jaeger placed this video in the left-hand side bar of his Trailer page for the documentary film on martial law and militarized police-state as assaults on the Constitution. His movie was inspired by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.’s newest book, By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy Of Martial Law”.

The movie is named MIDNIGHT RIDE, in the ongoing tradition of keeping America’s revolutionary history alive across the generations since the 1700s. It is of course an historical allusion to Paul Revere’s “Midnight Ride” to warn the Colonists that the British were coming for their guns and some of their leaders. That famous midnight ride occurred on April 18, 1775, and alerted the Militia which met the British at Lexington Green and Concord.

I will add more to this reflection from time to time, but before looking too deeply into the Paul Revere relevance in James’ name for the movie, suffice to note that the tandem of Vieira/Jaeger is modern-day equivalent. James and Edwin are letting us know that the “Government” is coming.  So the film MIDNIGHT RIDE deals with the four types of martial law, including martial governance, and what the Constitution has to teach in each regard.

In that setting, let us view a brief segment taken from Edwin Vieira’s interview for MIDNIGHT RIDE to sample the quality of the philosophical and artistic balance of consciousness from the ever-amping mind of James Jaeger to the historic details warehoused in Edwin Vieira’s academic perspective:






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