Help Them Remember Who They Are: The Forgotten Roots


Who is an Old World Celt? What is it?


On November 15, 2014, a Montana Oath Keeper named Cyrellys Geibhendach sent to me a remarkable piece of prose. I greatly enjoyed reading that piece, and wrote back to “Cy” to inquire if she knew the original author. My email to her went like this –

What a beautiful surprise to find in my inbox.
Thank you a hundred times for sending.
Do say whence it came? Is there an author? Can you tell me more, so when I post it on our website I can add a bit of background on its origin?

Thank you Cy,


“Cy” then replied that she was the author –

I am the author, Elias. My family’s heritage is Aes Dana; in English we say, Old Irish or Old World Celt. It is the Old World Celtic groups which contributed to the return of civilization by quietly infusing the ancient concepts of Excellence, Natural Rights, and the upholding of Liberty and Justice into intellectual dialogs. It is the heritage bequeathed by forgotten Laconia. And from my origins in the Pacific Northwest where the Old Irish relocated to in the mid 1800s, I have re-presented them as part of our American heritage and how each citizen has become the inheritor of  this culture.

It is a piece of soul within the deepest recesses of our nation’s culture upon which all may draw. Who are we? Someone once said to me, ‘help them remember who they are.’ I promised I would. Once a Celt always a Celt is an old saying. It is not necessary to be a genetic descendant. This means that each person who embraces the original intent of our nation, who upholds these principles and this nature, who believes in their Oath and who calls their fellow citizens brother or sister, are in no small part a member of this. It is a culture which supports a given nature. And it contains keys which could save this nation and its people from the organized evil we face.

I was asked to lead the horse to water…it is sparkling and offers to its drinker a great white wave that they must choose if or how to use. Bless it with Excellence, your potential awaits.

Cyrellys Geibhendach


At that point I understood that I must share this with all of our readers here at Oath Keepers. I wrote back to her and she sent me a deeper insight into the writing.

Good Morning Elias! All of it was written for others. I have moments of truly inspired writing, and this was one of them. Through my own small connection with our Creator, I perceived an insight as to why the long past request of, “help them remember who they are” was so incredibly important and continues to be in our approach to our collective situation.

 It has been my small personal mystery to understand that question all these years, to better understand the reply in the bottle. I have found the two tightly intertwined. In this we might realize we already have a powerful portion of the answer to our nation’s problems within reach of our grasp – it is who we are and what we are capable of being under the worst of circumstances. It’s been with us all this time in the hidden history of our nation, a geis my ancestors hoped to be free of which in my estimation makes them partly responsible for the current condition of this nation and our world, because their absence and their attempts to hide that part of the founding of the nation just so they themselves could live in forgotten peace, going on about their lives as though they had never made the promise to help the world and its people rise to its potential, is very much part of the problem. That is another story however, and one I don’t have all the details to only the general description.

 Those pieces of our collective identity have the force and character to give us the ability to restore our nation and restore mankind’s potential in the eyes of its Creator. This was what was flowing through me when I wrote it yesterday. And it is the most important part of the explanation, that we have it within ourselves to do this. There was no typical tinkering you experience when writing prose, just the flow and the insight and a vision of the few who already live this character becoming the many; a Great Roar that overcomes the twisted vision and construct of the corruption we face and a thought that was far less my own than from that higher author, that this is both for the our own needs and for the rest of the world which is just as torn by the problem.


You are welcome to print that too, if you wish, or you may withhold this piece and leave the message more simple with my original reply. But I would not be upholding truth if I did not also acknowledge that part of it, since you asked.


As for myself, I am a writer and communication facilitator involved in a few small interconnected groups comprised of researchers, analysts, direct experiencers and a variety of observers who’ve been following the deliberate deconstruction of our nation and much of Western Civilization for many years. One of the subsets of this I have been generation-ally involved in is the tracing of the de-populationist elements. I live in Central Montana with my family which is a member of the ranching community. We homeschool. And I took the Oath in 1996 but have never served in any official capacity. I’ve been a peripheral auxillary member of Oathkeepers since just after Lexington Green, and feel out reach to our nation’s service people is a very important work, and am very proud of the effort OK has been making on that.


Rudyard Kipling in his famous Jungle Books said, “We be of one blood, thou and I.”


Oh how true that is.

So here is the piece.  Your comments are invited.


Elias Alias, editor


 Old World Celt



Who is an Old World Celt? What is it?



Whether you were born with some known amount of Celtic blood, of any its sprawling origins, or whether you simply feel or suspect the nature is integrally you, an Old World Celt is a moving force within the world. But who is this force?

We are remembering!

I am a child of the sun, Grian. Upon my hair and my face sunlight is found. I am clean, clear of voice, and bright of countenance. I fear not color. I fear not song. Dance is in my step and when unseen, within my heart. My hand is firm and steady. My eye keen and sharp. My mind thinks of excellence, craftsmanship, and justice. I am a keeper of my brother’s natural rights. I am mindful of ineptitude, careful of the fragile, and supportive of those in need. I am a shield wall before evil and a soft rain nourishing creation. I am an indomitable freeman, not slave.

You will not find me as a mindless follower. You will not find me in the halls of religion. I am as much a leader on the field of soul enrichment as I am a leader on a field of battle. I will not be found abiding tyranny, or inequitable social engineering. I believe all men and women were created equal. My mate is my partner, my neighbor my brother, and the stranger on the street a valued guest at my door. Women of my kind do not walk any steps behind. I am kind and gentle with the least creature of this world and yet a firestorm in conflict. I am the ripple in the lake and the poised boulder upon the cliff. I am as comfortable alone in the forest as I am among the crowd in the hall. I am confident in my self for I am wise with moderation, full of thought, quick of question, generous of courtesy, a force to be reckoned with in partnership with truth.

I fear not my food whether it is of a type another abhors or a concept created to assault me. My shield and my sword are my mind, my mouth, and my hand before ever they are a weapon. My prudence is first to hush, to stop, and to listen. I know wisdom from the mouths of babes, experience best found in the aged, and truth best found in the soil of observation.

O tyrant I see you and you shall not pass. I bar the threshold with my self before you!

O tyrant you call me whore. Fine. I call you slave. For you are bound by your bedfellows of rules, regulations, and mandates, whilst I am bound only by reason, logic, and craftsmanship. Imagination is my kinsman. Liberty my mother. And Justice my father. And the Creative Universal Source who others call God is my Craft-master and guide; for I am its apprentice!

I embrace the Pursuit of Happiness for each of my fellow humans. And I do not limit any of this to mankind. The stars are a universe of communities, undiscovered by self-limited minds.  I am fully myself and you will not note me as politically correct. I will respect the views of another to a honest and fair degree, but I will not sacrifice myself or what I am for the convenience of someone else, particularly any who are unable to respect who and what I am before any question of societal or political differences are laid bare.

As an Old World Celt I have deep reverence of my ancestors and respect for yours. I will carefully consider the wisdom of the past before I relegate anything to the trash. I will preserve history whether it is mine or not; whether it is palatable or not. I will teach the young at every opportunity and exchange stories and ideas with my peers. The elders are my treasures not old hats to be shoved in a corner of society and forgotten. I keep my nature impeccably clean and honest, same as I do my mouth and my hand. Upon my sword regardless of kind is written these words: I defend life and liberty.

If you meet me on the street, I will look you in the eye as we pass, and nod, for you are a valued living being and due the same acknowledgement as I can hope for myself. If you come to my door, I will offer you first drink for it is my obligation to nourish, guide, and protect any guest beneath my roof before I do so for myself.  If I meet you in the halls of academia or governance, I will first listen, and then think before I open my mouth to speak. For the ramifications of all words or action touch more than myself and my chosen acquaintances.

As an Old World Celt of any brand, I am a steward of my world AND an inhabitant AND a moderate user of resources. What I take I replenish. If I destroy, I balance with building or growing. If I profit beyond my means, I turn and share with brethren. If I see neglect, I step in and repair. I am balance to negativity and the world has never not needed the likes of me.

Where there is loss, I present dream. Where there is devastation I will rise bringing hope.  Evil fears the Celtic, for we are fierce in opposing it. We built a nation as a beacon for what we are and what the people of Earth might some day rise to be, and despite the gains of evil during our sleep, she stands yet. The fundamentals of what we built still reside beneath the fog of conscription and illicit modification. It is by our estimation recoverable. As we remember who we are, so too we remember the original intent of what we built, and what falls can be set upright once more.

In the West there are whispers of the Rising…in the deep woods among the cedars; in the fields of barley and hops and beans; in the sand of the beaches; in the caves of the ancient lava flows; in canyons of red stone; in the sacred hills of our native kinsmen; in the libraries and bookstores; in the coffee shops and at the water cooler; in the community hall beneath the bright lights and on the shadowed street corners; in the barns and stables; in the early minutes of the sports events; in living rooms of the aware….we are here, unnoticed, standing beside the trappings of modern civilization watching. We have seen the dark tide that threatens to overwhelm civilized man. And we in our generational memories are no stranger to what the loss of civilization would look like. We hear the cries of the early victims, singled out among the throng by the evil and the opportunistic — and a fire has been lit in our heart. Fierce and hot are we, yet coolly calculating.

We have heard the call, the cry in the night slipping across the land, to rise and be counted among the strong.

And in the great storm there comes from the likes of us a returning cry…for as an Old World Celt in defense of a nation; in defense of a World, I am a giant, sword wielding champion!  No matter in what part of the world I reside, I AM ROAR!


_ _ _





Three followers of wisdom: imagination, purpose, and endeavor. — Irish Triad

FiOs ~ “Vision, Memory, Dream” Berla Feini (old Irish), “Knowledge” Modern Irish.

In singing, in exploring our connection to our Spirit and the Creative Source, then turning to examine our Reality, what we thought was only Imagination or only a Dream is revealed to be the most powerful Truth of all…



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4 thoughts on “Cyrellys: Old World Celt

  • January 9, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

    “The Dunadan”, B. Baggins
    (JRR Tolkien, “The Fellowship of the Ring”)

    Welcome to TMM sister. 🙂
    I’m an old Scotswoman, and a life long warrior for liberty and justice.

  • January 12, 2015 at 9:35 am

    And welcome to EA dot com, MamaLiberty. Thank you for coming by. A liberty-lovin’ Scot, eh? I shoulda known. 😉


  • January 22, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    Of Welsh extraction myself and can clearly hear the “singing” in your statement. Nicely sung sister.

    I am more often at TMM but was one of the original 10 who started OK most of whom were/are TMM members.

    There are many who have heard the calls and we make ready as we can.

    Stay safe,


  • May 31, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Note: While working on my series of articles on JADE HELM 2015 I sought to link to the above article at its link on the Oath Keepers website. For some reason this article has disappeared from the Oath Keepers website — I’ve no idea why. Am very glad I published it here at EA dot com.

    Tonight while searching I came across a couple of sites which are carrying this article –

    Rowan (North Carolina) Oath Keepers

    Four Winds 10

    Thanks to both sites for preserving Cy’s work.


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