In late May, 2014, I spent a few days with Stewart Rhodes, his family, Shorty Dawkins, and Brandon Smith in Northwest Montana.


The Crack Between Two Worlds

The Crack Between Two Worlds

We enjoyed family campfires outside under the high-country tall trees. One particular night Stewart and I were the last two at the fire, having outpaced all the others who had drifted away to go to bed for the night. We were being quiet and meditative, having talked much during the course of the evening. I took out my camera and sought to film some footage of the fire. Do not look for “faces” in the flames, or for any other earthly reflections. What is beyond the blackness in the square crack between two worlds remains a mystery to me and to my camera as well. But I thought I should share it in case someone chances to drop by here and see a meaning in the brief video.


Elias Alias

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