There is a beauty and a genius in the very idea that the Oath is a sacred obligation, and that a man’s character is forged in the foundry of life by how well one upholds one’s sacred obligations. Living up to the Oath can make the man. Metaphysically, living up to one’s Oath is similar to a conceptual metaphor of the soul’s karmic course in space-time. That concept was playing in my inner motivations when I penned this poem many colorful years ago –

That to which the mother

whispers the child awake

rings not from yon tower

but Time’s four-tongued stake.

Ida and Pingala

o’er frond and petal race

through seven palace portals

in the Peacock’s brilliant grace.

The seasons’ threads, e’re weaving,

reveal the form to take;

and Dreamchild, in its finding,

has found a man to make.

But enough of that spacey stuff, yes? Here was my brief presentation at the Bundy Ranch, near Bunkerville, Nevada, on the nineteenth of April, 2014, complete with an enemy helicopter overhead during part of the Oath. Despite the fact that the word “enemy” is an overstatement of the situation, I use the word enemy because that helicopter was not there to dangle pro-Constitution banners above the crowd of the faithful, nor for any other friendly purpose – it was there as a part of governmental “eye in the sky enforcement”. But, even as the helicopter caused me to do during my reading of the Oath, again now here I digress:


Elias Alias

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